How to date sissies near me?

I am a sissy boy, I like to dress up as a woman, I want to meet my master and mistress. In a chance, I found a sissy chat site online, which actually has a lot of people who like crossdress as the same as me, but also a sissy. I felt my world would be changed from then on.
I am a single sissy boy, in the past, due to I worried others laughed at me, and I did not dare to dress up very femininely. So I usually bought some beautiful clothes online, and then only dare to wear it at home.
I often uploaded my selfie to my social network, hoped to meet someone who may likes me. But every time I was ridiculed by others, then I would not dare to send these photos again. I was so sad with person who is not interested in the type like me.
Until a day, I was shopping online and Bought some feminine clothes as usual, sudenly I saw a sissy chat site. I thought maybe I could have a try. Then I was curious to click on it, I needed sign up and spent about ten minutes. I did not think too much at all, but what surprised me was that after I finished my registration, I realized there were so many my partners here. I was so happy that I could make more firends like me. I started looking for a sissy partner near me based on my location. When the search results came out, I found that there were many sissies in my city. I could not wait to chat with them. Some of them were online, some were offline, and I just chose a sissy friend online and said hello to him. A moment later, he replied to me, I was really very happy. We started talking more, he said he was actually a bisexual sisy. Well, I told him I was also a bi sissy. We also talked about many stories about dating the person we love. I told him I wanted date a master or mistress, he said that there would be people like me here, because he has met many admirers and have some offline date. After hearing what he said, I was looking forward to my own dating more and more.
A few days later, I continued to search for my lovers on the sissy chat site. sudenly I got a message. Wow, he was a hot master, I just loved him at first sight. Then He expressed his love to me and invited me to have a date. It was really crazy, I agree directly.
Next is the little secret of love between us.